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Deepika doing a near perfect split on location of #xXx #TheReturnOfXanderCage.

May 17, 2016

Just out from Deepika's Instagram account a near perfect split by Deepika and while doing the split she manages to look perfectly cool n beautiful. How do you do that Deepika .

Looks like Deepika n Team is having too much fun in Ontario Canada.

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I hate to admit I get disappointed when I see the end of the caption , Team DP.

Why can't you handle your twitter and instagram handle yourself Deepika ? Why have a PR team manage that . Fans would like your personal connect rather than some PR oriented blokes handle the account.

More from Deepika's Instagram feed.

Deepika's Sad face Selfie with Nina Dobrev also went viral couple of days ago.

They look adorable.

Few noteworthy apperances of Deepika.

She is glittery wearing hefty sparkling gold while her skin glistens like its moulded out of sparkling ecstasy .

Expression worth millions : Vintage Deepika .

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