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Priyanka Chopra : Maxim magazine photo and her armpit controversy. The response by Priyanka to twitterati is epic.

June 22, 2016

So Priyanaka Chopra posed in mono bikini or onsie if you will on Maxim magazine. That is hot stuff enough to talk about right ?
Apparently not, the storm broke on twitter and other soical media site like instagram about priyanka's armpit being too smooth there in the picuture and pepole commented it was heavily photoshopped.

Then again of course it was photoshopped no picture on even chepaest of the newspaper , page 3 goes without photo shop now a days. But the objection was being raised was that it was too smooth.

Priynka tried to silence her crtiques on twitter and other sites by posting the undedited or vanilla picture of her showing her armpits.  There you go people this is how it looks in real life now give the damned matter a rest ! Will ya !

Priyanka with Rock (Dwayne Johnson )

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