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Nargis Fakhri in her bikini is frying chicken , love thy breakfast :)

August 02, 2016

There's a still huge  behavioral difference in American and Asian cultures. The fast foods , frozen chickens, frozen shrimps and fish and steaks are common sight at USA Walmart and other supermarkets.
We would normally frown upon the frozen food its better fresh for us. But after 2 years of stay in US I have been actively observing many such differences.

Cooking food in your undies for example. Well we would never dream of doing that and even if we did we would not post a photo of our self publicly. But its quiet common practice for avg US teen to post pics in the bare essentials every now and then . In fact some girls take a pride in their rest room selfies. Not that its gross , everyone has a right to express as he or she sees fit.
But this could be an act to awe at for avg Indian guy and day to day thing for someone who is raised in western countries.

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