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Katrina Kaif looking old ?

Katrina appeared recently on L'Oreal's woman of worth awards. She swept the floor with her long gown pun intended. Katrina wears the white gala gown with subtle shimmer , amazing glow which shows on her face.
However her recent appearances had us noted that, her face looks rather long and fatigued , smile just short of plastic and  mood little too abrupt. May its the break up or the over exertions . Who knows exactly a reason , time will tell if Katrina's days are numbered or if she 32 year old beauty would keep on shining.

Shame on You ! for trolling Anushka Sharma . Virat lashes out on twitter.

The good and bad of the spotlight is evident. Celebrities often suffer loss of personal life after being in limelight. Anushka- Virat is again one such example.

There have been literally thousands of jokes and trolls doing rounds on whatsapp , facebook and every odd social media site. Most of them citing that Virat's performance has vastly improved after the love interest Anushka left him. Mostly they are in the form of jokes or meme's but pepole can be over aggressive and annoying about a somethings that would make one think why did I ever indulge myself.
Virat-Anushka did not patch up however Virat has again shown he is a bigger man , his run scoring spree in tense situations is exemplary. Virat has grown much in sense of maturity and wisdom , his words are no longer rash .
Perhaps by some wave of magic they would get togther again or would remain parted . Either of it would be for better of them. 
Virat Anushka Virat Anushka Virat Anushka Virat Anushka

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