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Internet Trolls are bunch of cowards , Says Anushka Sharma

June 19, 2016

Anushka Sharma has been at the receiving end of trollery at many times now. The internet  online fraternity took huge amounts of digs at Anushka be it on her ducky lips job , be it India's loss in cricket match due to her one time Beau's failures or some numerous other reasons.

The trolls can be funny or totally disrespectful memes the thing is there is no one to do policing around internet guys for 24 hours. So pepole can say lot of disrespectful things to you on platforms like twitter or Instagram and get away with it. These same guys woudn't probably have dared to utter a word in public forum or phyically on face of Anuhka.

This is what Anushka has to say for these guys : You are bunch of cowards and insecure guys who have nothing better to do but to spew hatred and disrespect individuals gaining petty minute publicity.

We agree with you Anushka . We are not in favor of disrespectful mean messages but being a celebrity you should be open for occasional meme or troll as some of them even you have to admit are downright funny and nerve tickling.

Listing some of the hilarious ones here. Again no offense to you Anushka.

A Hilarious troll on Anushka's lip job

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