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Katrina Kaif's second photoshoot for FBB india this year.

June 25, 2016

You got something to sell , celebrity endorsements are the way to go in India. Pretty much everyone we asked said that they consider a brand good and have faith in it if its endorsed by some hotshot Bollywood celebrity or cricket star.

So if you are hoping that if Karina Kaif is endorsing something it got to be quality product. Well it almost always is.

FBB India boasts under 500Rs clothing endorsed by Katrina . Yes the fabric and designs are catchy but don't trust it until you hit the store and see for yourself.  As for Katrina well she looks amazing in anything she wears and then there iss photoshop to make her look extra glamorous and colorful.

Do let us know if you ever hit FBB India and if the product they have on shelves do really match these amazing hot looking outfits put on by Katrina.

Hot skin hugging printed pants and top it with trendy Tee.
Netted in house and causal outdoor wear netted shorts and crop tops . Look cool in Summer in style.
All time favorite floral rosy goodness, this short shirt would make you look sexy while fending off heat in style.
Katrina in denim shorts hit the store and own if for less than 650Rs.

Some other cool and trendy casual Tees and hot faded jeans styling By Katrina

Super cute pink tank top and cotton jeans , the summer look by Katrina.

Katrina's hot Ganjee and jeans style is awesome.
Katrina in hot cotton jeans and cool sneakers

Random Tadkaa ..

Katrina Kaif , that figure to die for. Cuveliciously best.

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