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One more time folks , Give it up for Karena Kapoor her millionth apperance on this fashion mag.

July 11, 2016

Okay, We exaggerated about the millionth part , but seriously how many times Kareena would set ablaze vogue covers like that. There are no signs of aging on her at all, Her pregnancy rumors aside she looks fantbulously in shape and kicking. I am not the one to keep the count of months but eh I think this is the time we should see the bump if the rumors are to be belived

But why worry about something personal in Kareena's life I am sure her richie rich family has everything in control . So lets talk about the alluring n sexy Kareena on cover of Vogue.

She is simply killing it out there. She is wearing strapless / braless shirt knot tied , lifting up some weights , she is also wearing a open front thigh slit leather skirt which looks super hot.

And without furthest ado buy your copy of Vogue from your nearest stand and own the masterpiece as one of your own.

Another cover in which Kareena looks magnificent and beautiful. The adorable dimondized red dress and flattering zoomkas are the way to go.

And Kareena looks equally fresh and hot in real life too. Check out her latest pics with Alia and some solos out of her vanity van. Source one of Kareen's instagram fan page.

Cutness overloaded Kareena Kapoor , Alia Bhatt posing together awesome pout and smiles everywhere.

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