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Soni Charishtha in revealing strapless sexy clothing looks smoking hot.

Sony Charishta's smoking hot stills from her latest photo shoot. The most highlighting feature are her eyes they stand out on her cute girlish face. To top that she wears strapless plunging neckline reveling just the right amount in this bold lounge attire. The dress could easily pass as beachwear .

Radhika Apte @ Grazia awards 2016.

Radhika looks stunning /sexy in this ultra modern semi abstract cute skirt and sheer orange dress.

Kangana Ranaut in stunning off shoulder satin attire looking amazing.

Kangana Ranaut is in news for all wrong reasons now a days , apperantly success has gone in her head. She is throwing tantrums everywhere publicly brawling about how high and mighty she is. 
One of these days you would have enough news from her. But nevertheless she manages to turn heads in sexy avatars.

Katrina Kaif giving final touches to Sonam Kapoor's perfect makeup.

Katrina Kaif pre IPL ceremony wearing cute mickey mouse Tee and very hot ripped denim shorts.

Katrina turned the heat on and she was the spotlight / main feature of IPL launch ceremony. Katrina wore leather pants and zazzy top for her dance but this is how she looked when she emerged out of her vanity Van . She was wearing cute mickey Tee and looked fabulous in the sexy casuals.

Nargis Fakhri new photos for Rebook + latest instagram updates.

Love this Hair and Make up ! Thank you! ♥️😘 @dereksyuen @kiranasrat #mtvmovieawards2016 #mtv # A photo posted by Nargis Fakhri (@nargisfakhri) on Apr 10, 2016 at 1:38pm PDT
@lofficielindia #shoot #march A photo posted by Nargis Fakhri (@nargisfakhri) on Mar 31, 2016 at 10:20am PDT
This one is too badly edited for me , very bright and loses key features in that extra light.

Katrina Kaif made jaws drop with her candid performance in IPL.

Katrina is reigning queen when it comes to dance numbers , her flex and athletics in dance is incomparable . She also has some very sexy belly dance moves under her belt. This IPL opening Katrina rocked with her breathtaking hot dance performance.

Katrina Kaif's dance clip / video IPL 2016 browser does not support html 5 video

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