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Urvashi Rautela in red gown turns many head.

The angelic and divine expression fits perfectly to the getup borne by Urvashi Rautela at this event. The confident winning smile and charm she brings is royal .

Urvashi Rautela the princess wearing adorable strapless off shoulder red gown , the looks is subtly sexy and alluring.

Bipasha Basu ultra sexy on beach for the honeymoon.

Bipasha Basu recently married to Karan Singh and was in news for her marriage,  Salman Khan and other stalwarts attended the ceremony. Bipasha now is on honeymoon with her hubby . The one thing about Bipasha you can not deny is she looks hotter in bikini's and the beach backdrop well that is something which completes the picutre. We have seen her in Dhoom 2 donning sexy bikinis on beach. This real life photo is no less glamorous.

17 year old Priyanka Chopra : Probably her first ever photo shoot made public.

Priyanka Chopra have came a long way , most of you would probably look 3 times before you can say without doubt that this is the same PeeCee , She roams so confidently all over the world . Priyanka has the fan base in literally half of the countries in the world which is amazing feat. Priyanka definitley went through some cosmetic sugeries the striking diffrence in nose and jaw line is evident in these pictures when we compare that with current priyanka that we know.

Rai Lakshmi in 2 piece Bikini : Amazing and hot as always.

Raai Lakshmi would be debuting after spending a near decade in southern cinema mainly in Malayam and Kannada movies. Lakshmi would be venturing in Bollywood with a bold debut a sex thriller, an woman oriented movie Julie2. First Julie spiced up by Neha Dhupia comes to mind immediately isn't it. Hopefully Lakshmi would be able to top that and be more glamorous and sexy.

Her bikini photos surely set the mood for the movie. We are waiting for it.

P.S : I dared including Lakshmi's photos with Saree too along with the hot Bikini picture below because she looks equally alluring in both.

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