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How to cool off in style ?? Learn it from Ileana D'Cruz.

Ileana hasn't aged a day literally, her journey from south cinema to Bollywood has been astonishing.
Ileana still pulls off the perky looking college girl look with ease.
In this one she is cooling off in sports bra /top and denim overall fashioned top and jeans. The goggle clipped to waist the, sweat shirt around waist and subtle smile spiced up with alluring pose. That's our dear and lovely Ileana.

The revealing sheer and sexy bridal dresses , this one being exhibited by Sonam Kapoor.

I wonder if anyone wears something like this in real life weddings. I bet if bride wears this and goes to wedding it would be hilarious and sure would seek all folks attention to bride. Well which in a way what brides these days want , Right ??  Guess it does make a point then.

I guess Sonam Kapoor would marry outside India , she definitely gives the western brides run for their money.

The fresh inflow of hot models of Indian and South American origin from outside the country is astonishing : Meet Diva Dhawan

Yes she she is a fashion model and has DIVA as her first name . Way to call yourself Diva. I bet she must have thanked her parents for choosing Diva as first name. The hot model hails from new york she learned fashion logistics from New-York Fashion institute.

The hot tan body and bold attitude with a charming carefree face , the combo with teen spirit is all one needs to be glamour business.

To what limit the girls would show the skin to garner the minute fame , look Shenaz Treasurywala's latest .

The pictures in skimpy and possibly with most bare essential clothes of Shenaz Treasurywala
 are doing rounds of internet. Her personal instagram account is spewing out the sexy , skimpy clothed Shehnaz's picutes in Bikini's , night clothes and lingerie's every other day.

We are observing to what end these celebrities go on the level of skin show under the fancy titles like travel blogging and holidaying , would you put your picutures in underwear everyday on Instagram or facebook , guess for most of the answer is definite NO . Not for  Shehnaz .

Thats's probably 4 months old it was captioned at Hawaii and it probably is Hawaii , the loose revealing nightgown is just a  start....

If there's fashion show, there will be Sonam Kapoor, watch the desi glamour of Sonam.

Sonam Kapoor in golden glitzy ,sparkling dress a greek drape like dressing with real shiny off shoulder attire. The shine on the material coupled with Indian Gajara (floral headdress) makes sonam really stand out. The  material gives the sexy oomph on the back and we bet you couldn't simply take off your eyes of that shiny golden back.

Sonam Kappor semi ethnic with hot gajara looking awesome sauce.

Jacqueline Fernandez extreme fitness and body shaping guide , Watch how she remains in perfect shape.

Jacqueline is promoting brand Puma. Her counterpart in Housefull 3 also promotes sports brand Rebok . Again these ladies are fitness fanatics . They go miles and put really great efforts to maintain that perfect shape and figure that immediately captivates audience.
The tall and slim Jacqueline Fernandez tells us whats the importance of right gear while exercising. And how you should go about it.
(P.S Click on images if you are not able to read the text to enlarge them.)

The post weadding happy aura of Bipasha Basu brings positive warmth on her face.

Bipasha Basu in on the 7th Heaven since she got married to Karan Singh Grover. The couple is everywhere celebrating their romance . They went to Honeymoon in Maldives . The aura and ecastasy on the face of Bipasha Basu makes it evident that the these are best days of couple's lives.

Bipasha Basu - Karan Singh Grover's honeymoon pics.
Bipasha Basu - Karan Singh Grover's honeymoon pics.

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