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Katrina Kaif's second photoshoot for FBB india this year.

You got something to sell , celebrity endorsements are the way to go in India. Pretty much everyone we asked said that they consider a brand good and have faith in it if its endorsed by some hotshot Bollywood celebrity or cricket star.

So if you are hoping that if Karina Kaif is endorsing something it got to be quality product. Well it almost always is.

FBB India boasts under 500Rs clothing endorsed by Katrina . Yes the fabric and designs are catchy but don't trust it until you hit the store and see for yourself.  As for Katrina well she looks amazing in anything she wears and then there iss photoshop to make her look extra glamorous and colorful.

Do let us know if you ever hit FBB India and if the product they have on shelves do really match these amazing hot looking outfits put on by Katrina.

Deepika Padukone in black stunner for IIFA 2016 red carpets.

Strapless is the key now a days if you want to show you're Internationale star.  Deepika is a global fashion icon with she being a Hollywood debutante and all .

But the key to rocking the bra less/ strapless look is the composure. You have to make sure nothing can go wrong with your wardrobe and it stays there and does its job of covering your essentials. One wrong step and you give a field day to media persons and paparazzi .
It is really hard to carry such outfit with dignity  , we see the first timers constantly conscious of whether they are exposing too much and continuously adjusting the outfit.

But Deepika being the seasoned star, this must've been walk in the park for her. This black delicacy designed by Swanil Shinde was spot on for the occasion the outfit was topped by heavy mandalay pearls necklace with huge blue stone. Way to rock it Deepika !!
I am going to disagree with most of Deepika fans by saying the hair style that Deepika did was too pretentious and did not go well with her otherwise magnificent attire and good looks.

8/10 red carpet score is what Deepika achieves very easily.

Malaika Arora flexes her shapely curves. Her actual workout session pictures.

Want to know how stars look while working out, We will tell you not very pretty. You might've seen those sassy videos of Bollywood stars teaching a workout routine looking all fresh , polished. But stop right there.
In real life this is not how even the most shapely stars look while working out. Again we are not saying this isn't hot stuff . All we are saying is its hard work and lot of rigorous diet plans you need to follow and then perhaps you would come little closer to achieve body like Malaika or Salman .

Priyanka Chopra : Maxim magazine photo and her armpit controversy. The response by Priyanka to twitterati is epic.

So Priyanaka Chopra posed in mono bikini or onsie if you will on Maxim magazine. That is hot stuff enough to talk about right ?
Apparently not, the storm broke on twitter and other soical media site like instagram about priyanka's armpit being too smooth there in the picuture and pepole commented it was heavily photoshopped.

Then again of course it was photoshopped no picture on even chepaest of the newspaper , page 3 goes without photo shop now a days. But the objection was being raised was that it was too smooth.

Priynka tried to silence her crtiques on twitter and other sites by posting the undedited or vanilla picture of her showing her armpits.  There you go people this is how it looks in real life now give the damned matter a rest ! Will ya !

2nd International Yoga day know who is yoga savvy in Bollywood ! Lets start with Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa shetty is known for her fit , slim and ultra hot bod. Yoga is integral part of Shilpa's and Poonam Pandey's workout , on the 2nd International Yoga day . Many celebrtites came forth to promote Yoga which is already widely popular in western countries and USA.

President Pranab Mukharjee marked start of the day with insightful speech on origins of Yoga and how to keep balance and harmony is life with Yoga.

Here's Shilpa Shetty doing her bit to urge more fellow countrymen to join this amazing ancient Vidya originated long back in India.

Will it make your day if you see Kareena and Alia kissing ?

I think it ought to , not the kiss you are expecting though its a peck on a cheek. But still this is the cutest thing you will see in your whole darn day.

How cute is that, Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan came acorss each other , Alia considers Kareena as her mentor and idolizes her , Kareena too is really sporty to have a bubbly juvenile teen fan who is popular in her regime.

The two hot n sexy ladies bond really well together and had great fun time. You have the same today.

Bipasha Basu hitting gym Or should we say hitting her husband.

Bipasha Basu and her husband are in that period of marriage where everything is romantich and honeymoon like. They already posted some of the jaw dropping pics from their honeymoon.

Well there daily life also seem to be full of romance . Check out this pic posted on Bips instagram by herself . Bipasha is lifted off by Karan on his legs and Bipasha is doing a straight stretch.
How adorable is that.

Shriya Saran looking most majestic and elegant in polished, pure ethnic, traditional Indian collection

If you are getting your brand endorsed from Shriya , you will have a master piece if your collection is good.

In this case CMR textiles collection is awesome , the variety of sarees , lehengas and kurtas is simply astonishing. To top it all it is being exhibited by Shirya Saran one of the most beautiful girl in Indian Cinema. No one dons ethnic Indian attire better than Shriya her eyes have Indian soul in them.
Shriya in beautifully draped saree.

When Taapsee Pannu and Saqib Saleem were pitched together without much of a hi or bye for a romantic number.

So Tapasee and Saquib came together for a song Tum ho to lagta hai, And know what the crazy thing was , They never met each other before shooting song. Director Aleya thought the duo knew each other well and all but Tapasee met the Saquib for first time just few miutes before start of shoot. Luckily these guys share a same native place / city roots and so they bonded quickly and their chemistry looks great on screen.

Internet Trolls are bunch of cowards , Says Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma has been at the receiving end of trollery at many times now. The internet  online fraternity took huge amounts of digs at Anushka be it on her ducky lips job , be it India's loss in cricket match due to her one time Beau's failures or some numerous other reasons.

The trolls can be funny or totally disrespectful memes the thing is there is no one to do policing around internet guys for 24 hours. So pepole can say lot of disrespectful things to you on platforms like twitter or Instagram and get away with it. These same guys woudn't probably have dared to utter a word in public forum or phyically on face of Anuhka.

This is what Anushka has to say for these guys : You are bunch of cowards and insecure guys who have nothing better to do but to spew hatred and disrespect individuals gaining petty minute publicity.

We agree with you Anushka . We are not in favor of disrespectful mean messages but being a celebrity you should be open for occasional meme or troll as some of them even you have to admit are downright funny and nerve tickling.

Listing some of the hilarious ones here. Again no offense to you Anushka.

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