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Ileana D'cruz official instagram account is full of her own bikini photos and exotic clicks.


Now Ileana D'cruz may be begining a new trend amongst mainstream hotoshots of bollywood to post a steamy bikini photos of self on own Instagram account.

I mean we know small time models and some actresses like Poonam Pandey or Shehnaz Treasurywala do post this  bikini masala stuff regularly on their instagram accounts.

But Ileana would be first mainstream bollywood / tollywood heroin to post her exotic bikini and lingerie shots openly on Instagram without hesitation.

I mean there is no shame in it, but it still takes a lot of courage to post bikini or skimpy photos of self on social networking. Specially Indian audience is not too cool with the stuff like this and you would have at least 30% defamatory , derogatory comments  If I were her , I would not like to read them.

But having said that, we should not submit to internet goons and trolls , more actresses like Ileana should post their bold pics , after all exotic modelling is their job and their should not be so much fuss around it.

Catch all of the bikini pics of Ilean read on

Aditi Singh in vertical stripped dress , nicely styled cool attire for the summer.

Aditi is fresh entrant in tollywood , like many punjabi girls I am sure she will find safe heaven in telugu or tamil movie industry. She has that innocence combined with hot looks that typically sells in tollywood movies.

Talk about styling Aditi is wearing nice strapless tube topped vertical stripped top which is kind of cool to wear in summer.

You will always be able to find it in your nearest brand retail clothing. In case if you are interested.

Amisha Patel furiously sleazy and sexy clicks by her aides with who's who of the Bollywood.

The busty babe Amisha was seen chilling out with majority of hot who's who of the Bollywood Cinema. She clicked herself with Salman , Sanjay Dutt , Neil and many others.

The dress that Amisha took upon to wear for the evening is a classic Amisha style, she clearly looked to capitalize on her assests there in the glitzy red dress . The cleavage revelaing number certainly gives Amisha's already bubbling hot quotient a tremendous boost.

This is simply must look if you are Amisha Fan.

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Kangana Ranaut on Grazia India Cover 100th issue.

Grazia India has posted this glamorous pic on Grazia insta. Kangana looks extremely stylish and cool on 100th issue cover. And that is why a special someone was needed. Kanangana has made her identity in bollywood of strong and independent woman. Grab and buy this from your nearest newsstand to read all about Kangana and her exploits ,  her fashion secrets and more.

Bipasha Basu and her husband Karan Singh Grover having fun and quality time in Real Madrid - Spain.

The romantic duo who are riding sky high on the clouds of romance were in another blast of a holiday thanks to IIFA in real madrid spain.

Spain is inherently beautiful country. Bipasha Basu is just perfect model to enhance the amazing nature and architectural backdrops of spain. Stylish Bipasha in jazzy sun glares and skimpy summer clothes and tiny shorts is quite a sight to watch in Spain.

Elli Avram in jumpsuit like hot dress, which really enhances her curvy hot bod ! Straight from her Instagram.

So IIFA 2016 was hosted in damn coolest place, Spain real madrid , doesn't get any better that that. Latinas do surely know how to set the temperatures soaring with their sleazy and skimpy fashion base. But our Bollywood stars are fierce competition as well . Check out Elli Avaram, although her dress looks formal from distance , thats lot of hotness and seductive charm stuffed in there just sitting there to be unveiled.

Have a closer look.

Elli Avaram

Kangana Sharma latest photoshoots in jungle and beach backdrop !

Curiously enough there isn't much written on Kangana nor any stories in any bollywood magazine cover . So who is she really ?
Kangana is debuting in Bollywood with sleazy great grand masti , yes its that movie again !!
Kanganana Sharma so far worked in some telugu movies but not as a lead actress which is shame really, Cause if you have this pretty face and still you are getting sideckick roles , that is not cool. We have seen pretty much any dumb and decent looking punjabi , northern girl chosen for lead.
Kangana doesn't look bad , in fact we thought she looks great and sexy . Her skin complexion is radiant and supple. Hair so dark and wavy I mean nothing's wrong with her. We would appeal to great bhatt uncles of bollywood to take a look at her and cast her for your next movie.

Tiny sexy short , pierced belly button and strapless tube cropped top is a recipe for sexy girl. Hot stuff by Kangana Sharma
That winning disarming smile says it all , the confidence in this girl is sky high.

Urvashi Rautela in a very hot ripped / shredded jeans and sexy white top.

Urvashi Rautela sets the temperature soaring as she walks in revealing shredded ripped jeans , she tops it with hot white number. Needless to say a brilliant sun glasses complete her attire. She looks jubilant , perky and fresh.

In the Recent interview to a news reporter , Urvashi said that Great Grand Masti is a family film and not vulgar at all.
Yeah tomorrow you will say America Pie is family movie and not vulgar at all. Should we believe you. Sex comedies like grand masti can never be family movie . Just cause its your movie does not mean that you could say anything about it.

Wait till censor board gives it a big A for adult. :)

Fawad khan shares warm moments with Deepika on IIFA 2016 awards ceremony.

So with some brilliant wordplay and undeniable charm Fawad won the hearts of audience as well as the hottie Deepika Padukone on stage.  Fawad smites the audience + Deepika + her beau Ranveer with brilliant song converted dialog . Deepika just melted and gave unexpected hug to Fawad , which he later revealed was dream come true. And made his day. 

Fawad Khan is pakistani actor director who venture with couple of big banner films into Bollywood.

Barbara Palvin roaming around in shorts about Monaco 2016 grand prix event.

The 22 year old hottie was accompanied by her little sister. Barbara looks like having a quality time roaming around and wishing the luck to high profile grand prix contender.  Any one should get really pumped up and inspired if a hottie in tiny short such as the one wore by Barbara comes and greet you.
She is amazing model of the current time. Lets see for how many days her stars shine bright as she is in these candid pics.

  • Barbara Palvin
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Barbara Palvin
  • Barbara Palvin

Kajal Agarwal bitten with fashion bug ???

Kajal Agarwal was doing great until last few weeks,  after which we are seeing her in all sorts of weird so called "Fashion savvy" clothing. But this is not everyone's cup of tea. Pulling off western looks without putting much of a thought on complexion and hairstyles can be disastrous.

I simply adore and idolize kajal for her ungodly beautiful features. That beautiful face and the curvy body are hot enough to topple and rock Indian hearts in any Desi or semi ethnic attire.

But please don't go overboard doing this. Hope you read this and come back.

Urvashi Rautela shimmering and sparkly tight silver pants , at the airport


Urvashi Rautela is 2 films old in Bollywood now. She already made some serious waves with her bikini numbers which were steamy and went viral all over the internet. Sanam re did not do that well on box office (kind of expected) but the steamy looking Urvashi was the eye candy whole time.

Urvashi was spotted in extra tight silver capri on Mumbai airport. I don't know how one can travel with such tight and uncomfortable outfit. But then again what do we know about Bollywood stars really ?

Hot Politicians from all over the world. YES , we are featuring few from India too !


Words Politicians and Hot do not go hand in hand . Normally you would describe politicians with adjectives like wicked , shrewd , diplomatic , arrogant and sometimes brilliant.

But there are always exceptions to every rule and analogy. Yes these politicians featured in our list are brilliantly attractive and hot. If they ever decide a career in TV pepole will receive and welcome them with open arms.
In fact some of them were voted to power because of their hots and good looks. Not that we want this trend to catch up after all beauty with smarts is a rare combination, isn't it ?

Blast from past : When Siddharth and Kriti Sanon looked cute together.

Yes I know this is from 2015 so haters go away. The picture may be from 2015 but the stellar cuteness ingrained in there isn't. Kriti looks as fresh as a dew drop on a rose petal on bright early morning.

Its so good to see fresh face like Kriti and begin your day. The radiant beauty hopefully remains true to her same bubbly self and makes some sensible decisions and movie selections in 2016.

Sheetal Thakur hot photo gallery.

Umm nothing much to tell about her really. Except that we found her Instagram account really catchy full with hot pics that we crave for (naturally), And the fact that she is small time actress from Dilphire.

Hope we find something solid to back her presence on our site soon. Otherwise this post is going to be taken down in 7 months !!

Are you listening girl ??  You have 7 months to prove yourself. Please justify we having you on our site and keep the sovereignty of this portal intact. :)


Ketika Sharma journeys from small time internet dubsmash / instagram celebrity to the limelight of entertainment industry.

Since the boom of Internet many things have changed , your local mohalla celebrity if she plays her cards correctly can become global celebrity.

Ketika is not a local celebrity of course it was just anology. But Ketika is sure hot and knows how to be the celebrity of the social networking world. She has all the right poses , all the right pouts and all the right sexy short clothes in place to make her rise faster than the phoenix.
She is doing that by the way she just grabbed a contract to be a model for a gym and fitness genere.

She does have great body and right attitude to make it big. The images you see here you will notice are not that polished , but they sure make a point. You cannot take eyes off the beauty . She has kept herself in magnificent shape.

Source Instagram :

Kangana Ranaut , Sobhita Dhulipala , Anurag Kashyap clicked at Raman Raghav 2.0 Screening.

Raman Raghav 2.0 is another very interesting movie directed by Anurag Kashyap. Now I always find Anurag Kashyap movies to be pulled out from mixed bag. Some are outright brilliant , gripping.
Some of the are tremendously dull and shabby (don't forget Bombay Velvet huh, 120Cr Epic Disaster )

But his one looks promising, its about a serial killer named Raman Ragahav from Mumbai .

Raman Raghav is extremely notorious killer who is known to have killed at least 41. This he did with steel or iron rods used in construction. He smashed and crushed subject's head to a point ....( cant explain further , news channels have better gory description if you want to read).

Lets see if the movie is any less thrilling or entertaining . The story itself gives me goosebumps.

Another Gem of a outfit on Deepika Padukone Straight from IIFA 2016

Deepika Padkone wore sizzling black number on red carpet IIFA 2016 evening. But this is the latest one from Actress's instagram account.  This outfit is more sensuous , extra elegant and goes well with the Spanish fashion.

The Sabyasachi couture adorned by Deepu is inspired from Spanish bull fighters cape. We all know Sabysachi is a renowned fashion  designer who is famous at International level.

Deepika has done full justice to the outfit and she looks mesmerizing and marvelous for sure. The sheer Godet skirt with a cape in shimmer is the perfect evening wear for Deepika to keep the audience gaze fixated on her.

Deepika is all happy and bouncy after her hollywood project has been completed with flying colors. Now Deepu is in spain giving spanish pepole taste of bollywood beauty.

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