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Evelyn Sharma hot and cozy bikini clicks from Instagram

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A photo posted by evelyn_sharma (@evelyn_sharma) on

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SONY CHARISHTA superhot clicks in white netted dress while petting a horse.


Sony Chriashta is tamil / telugu movie actress , she is quite a sensation on internet. Her spicy hot photos have been favorite and top ranking on our site. We hope Sony gets more roles, she becomes more shapely. And we also hope to get to see her more often in movies and not only just hot photoshoots.

In these clicks she wears netted see through white, while petting horse. Well she looks simply smoking hot.

Sagarika Ghatge chilling by the blue lake, tremedously beautiful click

Sagarika Ghatge is one active person on social media. We are avid fan of her beauty . Her extra fair and smooth skin will give any fairness cream model run for her money.

She is wearing cute denim shorts in this hot capture by the lake. Chilling out like boss.

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Katrina Kaif in rare bold bikini appearance in her upcoming Baar Baar Dekho.

So we have something great to look forward not since her infamous BOOM movie did Katrina go bold and donned bikini.

But in this flick against Siddharth Malhotra she is lating that go  , She is wearing a skimpy red bikini in the movie and its been showcased in the movie trailer. So you should definitely watch the trailer.
Here :!/movie/watch/1055672/baar-baar-dekho

Katrina looks bold , glamorous and smoking hot as expected .

Anushka Sharma posts this adorable selfie on her Insta.

Boy Anushka looks so hot in this selfie. Though little photo shopped the pink skin complexion of Anushka looks supple soft in the picture. Her eyes so dark and standing out perfectly in the image , Anushka had mastered the art of selfying .

A photo posted by AnushkaSharma1588 (@anushkasharma) on

And you can enjoy the bowing down of Anushka in GIF 1000 times if you keep staring at the screen for 5 minutes.
A video posted by AnushkaSharma1588 (@anushkasharma) on
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Watch Sonakshi Sinha SMASHH TV into pieces with big ass hammer !!

Akira girl is all angry and filled with rage, Occasion is Sonakshi Sinha's new song sung by her to be released soon.

Sonakshi definitely managed to increase audience anticipation with this smashing hot video.

Sonakshi Sinha from indiancelebs
Penned By 
Cunning Jack

p.s. Don't forget to catch some good reads from past. Past is not so bad.

Sonakshi threatens to hang KRK after he nominates her for B-town butt contest from india

Khanna , Singhs and Kaurs are in lead of the female brigade driving Telugu and Tamil Cinema, Meet Raashi Khanna

If you notice closely there is heavy inflow of the north and Punjab side girls featuring and dominating tollywood movies. Be it Rakul Preet Singh , Charmee , Raashi Khanna or many Singhs and Khanna's of kind.

Its crazy really . And wonder the learning curve and the tremendous dubbing efforts to avoid the learning curve behind the camera and fake dialogues. I wonder what makes tamil filmmakers sustain such harships.

Again somewhere the color bias creeps in (I am not accusing anyone with racism or being judgemental of persons color) . Somehow its always there in the Indian entertainment industry.

Remember first movies of Bipasha Basu or Priyanka Chopra . Bipasha in particular looked dark and dusky in films like Ajnabee. And see yourself the transformation of color. Is to sustain or something else.

Nargis Fakhri in her bikini is frying chicken , love thy breakfast :)

There's a still huge  behavioral difference in American and Asian cultures. The fast foods , frozen chickens, frozen shrimps and fish and steaks are common sight at USA Walmart and other supermarkets.
We would normally frown upon the frozen food its better fresh for us. But after 2 years of stay in US I have been actively observing many such differences.

Cooking food in your undies for example. Well we would never dream of doing that and even if we did we would not post a photo of our self publicly. But its quiet common practice for avg US teen to post pics in the bare essentials every now and then . In fact some girls take a pride in their rest room selfies. Not that its gross , everyone has a right to express as he or she sees fit.
But this could be an act to awe at for avg Indian guy and day to day thing for someone who is raised in western countries.

Can you look this good when you are grumpy ? Just watch Amy Jackson, we bet no one will dare to say yes.

Monday moods and hangovers in office are dizzy but , what it is like for an actress or model. I bet they dont have to drag ass to the same ugly desk and glue it for 8 hours to most uncomfortable chair in the world.

Yeah who know everybody has their share of misery, may be when I am pretty and cute enough then I would understand the pain of hot chicks . Well may be I won't . What if an ordinary guy posts a grumpy , sad photo like this ? How many consolations he would get , 0 thats what !!

So forget being a hot chick , For now we enjoy watching them in their misery and happiness we don't mind as long as the gals are hot !!!

Black roses on sexy sheer dress, hot post by Priyanka Chopra.

Hmm now Pee Cee here is in deep thoughts wonder why, its Sunday and Priyanka don't know what to do ?

I guess being an International Star has its own drawbacks. Well Pee Cee we fans appreciate if you post anything and we are perfectly fine if you decide to do nothing and have a nice interaction with Fans. We would be the first to comment.

A photo posted by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on
Now this is something superhot and swag of Priyanka is top notch with Usher the hip hop star .
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Random Tadkaa ..

Alexandra Daddario from gentlemanboners

Nargis Fakhri looks gorgeous and sexy in daily non glam beach wear / bikins.

Among the rumours that Nargis Fakhri went back to USA for good , we have glimpses of her on the instagram accounts. She looks hot and beautiful as always. Only this time she is not that glamed up and is perhaps wearing your local day to day bikini instead of those fake sports illustrated brands or bikinis.

Nargis has natural beauty and charm , she is carefree and open person . She is not fussy like other Bollywood stars and is down to earth. We hope she returns back to India soon, cause it will be real bad feat for Bollywod if she decides to say Good Bye.

A photo posted by Nargis Fakhri (@nargisfakhri) on
A photo posted by Nargis Fakhri (@nargisfakhri) on

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