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Lisa Ray kickass clicks for leading monthly.

Lisa Ray is still beautiful as hell and no matter how far you go in past. You will find the same curvy junk she still maintains intact for all this time.

Kudos to Lisa for being the on top of her game despite of her ailments .

A photo posted by lisaraniray (@lisaraniray) on
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Bebo says Katrina and Deepika not good enough for Ranbir.

So Kareena Kapoor in an interview blurted out that both Deepika and Kat were not good enough for her brother. So it was tempting to ask who does she think is good enough ?

And the answer was none !
I mean really. The chocolate boy deserves better than 2 top bollywood heroines !!! ???

I dont see he giving blockbusters recently. Well you know what they say when its about your family you are blind to what the person's flaws are.

And show was none other than Coffe with Karan off course.

I think this rhetoric of selective toned surprizes are the speciliaty of his show.

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Checkout Sonakshi Sinha's AsliSona cap made on her twitter and Instagram handle.

A photo posted by Sonakshi Sinha (@aslisona) on

Sonkshi Sinha in Madrid

Checkout other cool pics of Sona in Madrid.

Sonakshi sinah white tank top , get grayscal click doing justice to Sonkshi's Beauty,

Anushka sharma fully deserves the bold tag.

Path braking , intelligent, witty and extraa hot . This is how one should describe Anushka. Her movies and how she carries herself in public , social media is exemplary.

From handlling brakeups to Salman's rape remarks. Anushka has been to the point she stood her ground and made the mark.

Here's some latest clicks of this adorable actress.

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Mouni Roy gearing up instagram way.

Instagram now a days is a metric of stars popularity. The more followers and likes you have the bigger star you are. Pepole in bollywood are often seen boasting these in x million followers.

Apart from bollywood entry Instagram serves also as a money making machine. If you are hot n sexy. If you have more than 0.1 million followers . Companies pay you to endorse their products on the instagram page and photos.

So the next time you see a girl in bikini or sports bra wonder what brand is being endorsed. I mean honestly who would put private moments of life in skimpy clothes to be prayed by googly eyes ???
Unless you are heading bollywood way or modelling this does not make sense.

Now you know the gist of the matter. So enjoyy !

Source : Instagram , please do visit and subscribe her page if you like her.

Shruti Hassan at it again. Wearing deep plunging neckline.

Shruti Hassan is always is in news for her cleavage show, sometime intentional sometimes accidental . Remenber her raunchy leaks wearing deep blue blouse dancing to fast tunes . Yup that was not accident.

Shruti is still trying to find a footing in hindi movies , she did not yet hit that magical blockbuster.

May be this is just gimmick to get more attention. It definitely works on us. :)

Deepika Padukone poised to kill in a dress fit for charlie's angels.

Deepika Padukone at lux golden rose awards looks sexy as hell . She is sure to go places if she continues with the same charm and confidence. International stage is calling !

And some more ..

The tall and majestic Deepika in white , her long legs go for miles.
Another sexy yet royal outfit on Deepika. She is really digging those thigh slits recently. And why not if you have legs like those , by all means flaunt them.

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Vimala Raman shades of blue and violet.

Vimala like many others in south films hails from outside of India, Australia to be specific. Though she is Indian Origined. She completed her education from Sydney.

She has been one of the pretty faces in south films now. We hope the trend of using foreign actresses catches even more :)

Riya Palekar the hot social media sensation.

We are in for treat as many social media aficionados and local starlets have been pushing the limits to compete with mainstream models. They have been really effective Riya Palekar is one such hot find. She is aspiring model and diva in making.

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