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Urvashi Rautela launches her mobile app.

Everyone  in the showbiz is in  frenzy to imrove the web presence , the twitter, instagram accounts of celebrities spitting out the images every minute . Theres a lot to process.
Urvashi had launched her own phone app.

Don't really know what its supposed to say. Speaking of the apps we have launched our own Android appBollywood Wall. Do visit your play store and grab it.

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Taapsee all smiles on Instagram today : for Judwaa 2

Taapasee Pannu has upcoming release : a masala remake of David Dhawan's Judwaa.
The movie stars Varun , David's prodigy. Hope the movie serves some smiles again with a fresh look.

The sexy number Oonchi hai building has hit 6 million views and Jacqueline Ferandes and Taapsee look really hot in the song

Thank you for showering so much love on #OonchiHaiBuilding 2.0. Too much happiness is happening 😇😇 #Judwaa2 #songlaunch A post shared by Taapsee Pannu (@taapsee) on Sep 7, 2017 at 9:45pm PDT

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Kangana Ranaut spotted with Manish Malhotra in hot checks.

Lean and Mean : killer looks of Disha Patani

Disha wore this revealing number at the recent Vogue fashion awards. She has the most lean figure, no need to say the revealing gown looks too good on her.

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Aksar 2 starring Zarine Khan releasing on 6th Oct.

Zarine Khan was seen promoting her upcoming movie Aksar 2. It would be her usual kind of movie ; twists with lots of sensuality. If you are in those kind of things do tune into the movie trailer on YouTube.

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Priyanka Chopra clicked at Toronto International film festival

Pee Cee as usual displays brilliant sense of fashion. She seldom goes wrong about these things. Always an eye candy.

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Kapil Sharma show going off Air.

Kapil Sharma had a coveted show on major channel(Sony) in prime time, and there was a time everyone from film fraternity would line up at the door, superstars - producers and who's who of Bollywood.

But since the incident with Sunil Grover the things have been going downhill for Kapil Sharma and his show. Many lead characters left the show with Sunil. Past this fiasco the ratings went down along with entertainment value.
There was constant negative feedback on Kapil in media. Reports said that he maid superstars like Shahrukh Khan wait and cancel at the last minute the shoots.
Sometimes they say slow and steady is the better way , may be Kapil needs a breather.

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Aamir Khan's Dangal a massive hit in China , earns 1800 crore.

In  a wonderful news to Indian Cinema and Bollywood. Dangal has its two third of income coming from china in a historic 2000 crore earnings. China has contributed the most.

Chinese viewers have gone crazy over the movie with its feminine epicenter the movie has appealed youth and young girls specially. The movie depicts the life of a wrestlers and his 2 daughters which he has high hopes for in wrestling. Wrestling very uncharted and unorthodox territory for Hariyanvi girls. This is fun joy ride to watch with family.

Amir Khan had been to china to thank and appreciate all the love the actor is getting from the neighbor. Hope the India China stress is soon resolved and peace be with us all.

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Raai Laxmi goes a step or 2 bolder for her upcoming flick.

Raai Laxmi the south cinema hottie is set for her Bollywood debut through Julie 2.
Neha Dhupia starred in Julie(1), it was predictable and worn out story with some bold visuals.
South side actors and actresses so far have not been able to make it big till this time.
Raai Laxmi would sure hope that she would get a footing, but how long the stint would last is a fate unknown.

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Mumbai High Court directed to proceed on trial of Jiah Khan Murder case.

Jiah Khan allegedly committed suicide on  3rd June 2013. But according to her mother Rabia Khan she was murdered by fellow film actor Suraj Pancholi.
Suraj was in romantic relation with Jiah at the time of her suicide. Allegations have been made that he was the reason or had a part to play in the unfortunate event.
Mumbai HC had directed lower court to proceed a trial with a charge of murder. Rabia Khan has also requested a special investigation team to be setup to look into this.

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24 Slaps received with smile by Ranveer Singh for a perfect shot.

Everyone strives to be a perfectionist, its a clever ploy now a days really. Go in characters skin live the life and get finer insights.
Ranveer Singh : however notorious, few know that he is very dedicated and hard working in front of camera.
The historic saga of Sanjay Leela Bhansali Padmavati had a moment wherein Raza Murad slapps Ranveer .
Surprisingly it took 24 slapps for Ranveer to say that yes that's the slap I would put in a movie.
Cheers to your slap receiving appetite Ranveer.
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Kangana Ranaut is constantly re kindling the flame to keep the battle fire going - Turn now for Hrithik ?

Kangana Ranaut had interview yesterday taken by yet another firebrand mouthpiece (Barkha Dutt).
Kangana seems in no mood of truce, she said she will spend every last penny she had in legal battles if she had to, to prove her worth.
Kangana also claimed that Hrithik bullied her as he pleased and later when things went sour he ceased acknowledging her.
Although Hrithik was the one slapping first legal notice to Kangana. He is trying to distance himself from this controversy since some time, avoid talking in the media about the issue. Kangana has been very vocal in contrast on twitter and other social media.
Hope they make a peace soon.

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